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Barsplice Products, Inc. (BPI®)

Barsplice Products is a manufacturer of mechanical splices for the reinforced concrete industry. Our engineered splices meet the technical requirements of building codes such as American Concrete Institute (ACI) 318 Type 1 and Type 2 strength applications and Departments of Transportation. By means of market leadership, sales expertise and worldwide distribution, we consistently provide customer-focused solutions that provide the highest quality results and cost-effective installations.

As a leading supplier to both domestic and international construction markets, with customer service that is second to none, BarSplice promises to exceed your expectations. Our products, including Zap Screwlok®, Grip-Twist®, BarSplicer and BarGrip®, are made to the highest standards in the industry.

Our open management style encourages everyone to contribute to the creative process. From the shop floor to the accounting office, the customers' success always comes first! Motivated people produce high quality work and it is our dedicated, involved and knowledgeable people that give us the competitive edge. In addition, we are continually investing in new equipment and technologies to maintain and enhance our competitive position.

BarSplice Products is located in Dayton, OH, where our products are designed, manufactured and warehoused. Barsplice is a Subsidiary of FC Industries, a metal manufacturing powerhouse. Family owned and customer focused since 1972, FC Industries is now in its second generation of family ownership and management.

With our main offices in Dayton, OH, our regional offices in California, Florida, Ohio, Texas and Washington, and distribution in Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America, BarSplice stands ready to be an important part of your success.