Buy America Steel Products Association Launches Website With Directory of American Made Steel Products

COLUMBIA, SC – May 5, 2016 – Buy America Steel Products Association has launched a website that includes a directory of U.S. companies that supply and manufacture steel products used in transportation construction projects. The website is intended to make it easier for federal and state transportation officials and road construction contractors to locate steel products that meet the federal Buy America program requirements. In December, 2012, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) issued a memorandum exempting certain steel products used in highway construction projects from Buy America requirements. The exemption covered a variety of steel products made in America by Buy America Steel Products Association members.

A group of companies, a trade association and a union challenged the FHWA exemption in court. In December, 2015, the federal district court in Washington, DC, ruled in favor of the plaintiffs making these steel products once again subject to Buy America requirements. Construction contractors can receive an exemption from Buy America if the steel products they require are not available from an American manufacturer. Buy America Steel Products Association formed and launched its website with a directory of companies that make and supply steel products that meet Buy America standards so that road construction contractors have ready access to these companies and Buy America enforcement officials can properly enforce the Buy America program.

“The December federal court opinion reinstating Buy America requirements for steel products used in federally-funded road construction projects has caused some amount of confusion in the road construction industry. Our members are acting to eliminate as much of that confusion as possible by providing a directory of companies that manufacture and supply these products,” said Kyle Michel, an attorney currently managing the Buy America Steel Products Association.

The website, lists over 20 companies across the U.S. and provides information on the steel products they manufacture or supply. Each company is responsible for assuring that their products meet Buy America requirements. Companies will be added to the list as they are identified.

Buy America Steel Products Association – is a newly formed organization of American manufacturers and suppliers of steel products that meet Buy America program requirements and are used in highway and transportation sector construction projects.

Contact: Kyle G. Michel
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